Rainbow Editing
by Dawn Smit
A colorful new weapon in the war
against sloppy writing and the eternal editing cycle

The Technique - Teach your computer how to help you self-edit.
Whether for the fourth draft, fourteenth draft, or fortieth draft, Rainbow Editing teaches writers how to use the computer to find the unintentional patterns that bog down even the best writing. Using the writer's best friend--the computer--and a slew of colors, writers will learn how to highlight patterns so that they practically jump off the page.

The Manual - Learn how to find over 20 different patterns in 88 color pages.
With the step-by-step instructions included in this book, you can not only search out those pesky patterns, but you can also teach your computer to find them at the touch of a button.

The Software - Macros make life easier.
The manual shows you how to create your own mini programs, called macros, in four short steps--but why duplicate effort? The manual comes with a CD containing over 150 pages of macros and easy instructions on how to insert them into Microsoft® Word. Then, once you have the basics, create your own!
The macros have been tested in versions of Word from Word 95 to Word 2007 (for Mac and Windows operating systems).

Buy the manual plus macros for $19.95 + $2.75 s/h (sales tax in CO).

Want to know more? Here's a quick list of what you will learn:
  • Uncover the natural habitats of "to be" verbs.
  • Seek out and eliminate the adverbs, adjectives, and other grammatical forms that slip under the editorial radar.
  • Easily see how many times characters repeat certain actions (smile, grimace, scratch their noses, etc.). Is it overkill?
  • Discover personal "favorite phrases" that show up with shocking regularity in writing.
  • Learn about macros, miniature programs in Microsoft® Word, that make pattern finding a breeze.
  • Example: Finding "to be" verbs
    Rainbow Editing example
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