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Dawn Smit was born the youngest of four children in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she spent nearly all of her formative years. Coming out of high school, she found herself in a dilemma: she wanted to write, but she also wanted to eat. Reluctantly, she eschewed the former in favor of the latter and enrolled at the University of Colorado, where she received her bachelor’s in business administration. In 1993, she received her master’s in international management from Thunderbird College, where she learned what she didn’t want to do for a living.

Marriage to a wonderful, supportive husband neatly solved her earlier dilemma, and she now dedicates a portion of each day to her stories. She was given an unusual gift, the ability to dream in novel format. To date she has 80+ novels in her mind, most of which tie together by what her readers will come to know as the shadows. Dawn currently lives in Monument, Colorado.

Through Spiral Eyes, her first published book, placed third in the 2001 Paul Gillette Memorial Writing Contest for science fiction/fantasy. Her current book, Rainbow Editing(TM), is a companion to her workshop of the same name, in which she introduces a colorful new weapon in the war against sloppy writing and the eternal editing cycle.

For instructions on purchasing her books, e-mail _dawn at dawnsmit dot com.*
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