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This page is dedicated to the authors whom I have met personally
or via the internet, along with the books they have written.
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Updated 5/27/05

List of authors as I meet them and hear from them

Robert Velarde The Lion, the Witch and the Bible by Robert Velarde
Robert is a Christian author in Colorado with a number of writing credits to his name.  His latest book, "The Lion, the Witch and the Bible," will be available in September 2005, just three months before Disney's "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" hits the theaters.  Talk about timing!  When his book is available on Amazon, I'll link the book picture to that site, but until then, you can click the pic and read the synopsis.

Pamela J. Dodd The Gift Horse by Pamela J. Dodd
Pamela explains her book "The Gift Horse" as a "Faustian anti-romance."  Intrigued?  That has got to be one of the best one liners I've ever heard for a book.  She has a nice website as well . . . which she says ought to be better, but it's either a better website or more writing done.  Yeah, web site development can be a fun and exciting form of procrastination.  Pamela's book is now available at her website or through Amazon.com.

Shelia Rudesill
Auspicious Dreams by Shelia Rudesill I was checking out Shelia's website the other day, and lo and behold, she had two books out and another in process.  Her first novel, "Precious Children, Coveted Child," was published in 2003, and her latest novel, "Auspicious Dreams," just came out in January.  Congratulations, Shelia!

Vosta Michele
Michele and I met at Gardenia Press's 2001 FirstNovelFest.  Her novel "Tangled Webs of Desire" didn't get chosen at that conference, but it was picked just after the 2002 conference.  I admire her tenacity and her dedication to learning how to be a better writer.  I got to see her again in Colorado Springs at the 2003 Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Her book should be out next year, and I wish her a smooth publishing process.

Chris Simmelink
Chris's first book "Sensitivity"has an interesting premise: the main character suffers from a degenerative condition where he filters out less and less of the world going on around him.  As he fights sensory overload, he also finds himself entangled with a serial killer.  Life can never be simple, can it?  According to Chris's website, "Sensitivity" is scheduled to be on the shelves in "early 2004."

Terri DuLong Lost Souls of the Witches' Castle by Terri DuLong
Terri's debut novel, "Lost Souls of the Witches' Castle," is set in a real-life Gothic mental institute just north of Boston,, and it's the first in a trilogy.  Sounds like she's already finished the sequel, "Daughters of the Mill," which she says will be published this year.  Terri has also teamed up with Bill Bonner to write "Immoral Symphony,"  which should be out sometime in the next few months. Now that's productive!

Catherine Burr Silicon Secrets by Catherine Burr
Of all of the published Gardenia Press authors, I most admire Catherine Burr for her ability to promote her book.  Is she perhaps missing the "procrastination gene" that most writers seem to have?  I don't know, but she appears to have done well with her novel "Silicon Secrets."
And she answers e-mails right away.

Terry Wright The 13th Power by Terry Wright
Terry is a fellow Coloradan, and we live practically a stone's throw away from each other.  Check out info on his "13th Power" Trilogy on his website (just click on his name).  He also writes a series of short stories for the web called "Graves Justice."  They're fun in a dark and cathartic sort of way, and you can tell how much fun he's having.

F.P. Dorchak Sleepwalkers by F.P. Dorchak
Frank was at the 2003 Pikes Peak Writers Conference promoting his novel "Sleepwalkers," and we met in the bookstore (of course).  We talked about publishers and promotion for a bit, both agreeing that it would be really nice to have someone else to do the latter for us.  He's a fellow Coloradan who loves to write about the surreal.  His theme: "Explore the world of probable realities and conscious dreams!"

James Halon
The Malagasy Tortoise by Jim Halon I met Jim via e-mail just before Gardenia Press's FirstNovelFest 2002, which occurred a couple of months after my novel was published.  His book, "The Malagasy Tortoise," had also recently come out through InYourHand Books, a subsidiary of Gardenia Press, so there we were, two incredibly happy people sharing our joy.  We bought each other's books and made sure to talk at the conference (though so much was happening that we didn't get to talk enough. . . sorry, Jim).

John Galloway, Jr.
John and I met at Gardenia Press's FirstNovelFest 2001, though he probably didn't remember me when we met again at FirstNovelFest 2002.  This time I was an author as well, and he and I and several other GP authors and editors went out for dinner and a bit of shop talk.  I learned so much just listening to everybody!
Dry, Up, With a Twist by John Galloway My review of "Dry, Up, With a Twist":
I picked up this book and didn't stop laughing for over two hours.  Galloway's portrayals of chefs, waiters, busboys, and customers, among others, offers food for thought both humorously and sadly true-to-life.  I learned the extent of my social faux pas and promise to tip on the full amount of the bill.  The book is liberally sprinkled with word usage and situations that might not be appropriate for younger readers, but it provides vivid testimony as to why mamas don't want their babies to grow up to be waiters.  Or chefs.  Or restaurant owners.

John Irwin a/k/a Jack J.W. Lynch
The Power by John Irwin  John was a fellow student in a creative writing class taught by Penny Jackman (whose retirement was greatly lamented by many of her former students).   Uncommon Sense by John Irwin   Since then, he has self-published several books, including "The Power," a story about a Special Forces unit sent into Vietnam a few years after the war there to search for POWs.  Did this story actually happen?   "When queried . . . sources in the Pentragon, in effect, said that there exists absolutely no evidence in their file that anything like this ever took place." (back cover)  His book "Uncommon Sense" is one of my favorites--a political satire about the formation of the Flake Party, the newest national political party.

J. Brandon Barnes
Christian science fiction is a tough niche to sell in, and many writers in the genre are using the web as an alternative to formal publishing.  Brandon is one of those who has decided his love of writing (and of being read) is currently greater than his desire to get royalties, and so he's placed one novella, "Golgotha," and a couple of short stories to read at his site.  I met him via e-mail while reading his then-unfinished "Golgotha," and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it straight through when he finished in 2002.  He also says he'll be starting another novella "in the Spring" of 2003.
My review of " Golgotha"
An enjoyable, novella-length tale available free on the internet.  Barnes has created several well-rounded characters who behave consistently throughout the story, and the ending is both logical and satisfying.  I had a couple of questions about plot points, but nothing that would keep me from finishing.  And those "plot points" were all explained by the end.  The only thing I didn't like was the annoying little popup ad box on the right that I had to minimize/close at the beginning of every chapter, but that's the price people pay to use Geocities.

Rick Sutcliffe
I discovered Rick's writings when I entered "Christian science fiction" in Google.  Not only does he write Christian science fiction, but Christian sf with an Irish flavo(u)r.  Rick has written two books of his series "The Interregnum."  His books are available in e-book format.

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