Dawn’s Many Musings

This blog is dedicated to my husband and my friends and family who like to read what I write. It will help me formulate my thoughts and record them. It will hopefully encourage like minds. God bless the internet for letting me find like minds. I am not alone. You are not alone. And in these Crazy Years, with commonly accepted mores shredded and used as compost and nothing yet in their place, that knowledge is worth fortunes.

My interests are varied: photography, solar energy, personal trials and triumphs, health care (over ten years of research at this point), taxes, regulations, space travel, science fiction, fantasy, Christianity, religion and philosophy, and whatever strikes my fancy on a particular day. If any or all of these topics appeal to you, you may be in the right place.



  1. Phyllis Nau

    I would love to read your Blog, Dawn. I’ve always enjoyed your insights and am glad you are sharing them. We do live in crazy times and there’s a lot to talk about. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dawn Smit

      Hey, Phyllis, good to hear from you. Yeah, nearly every morning at breakfast, I’ll make a comment and Dan will say, “You should blog about that!” (I think he doesn’t want to be my only target.)

  2. Jeff Mallette

    I look forward to reading your blog Dawn! Your intellect, logic, and clear writing style inspires me to be better in all those areas.

  3. Sandy

    Hi Dawn,
    I enjoyed your essays, very interesting and thought provoking.
    Yes thank goodness for the internet, a portal through which we may find like minds and new friends. I may start a list, if I do reading your site will be right at the top.

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