DreamFit Makes Some Really Nice Sheets

Every year, Dan and I save up to buy what we need (and want!) during the Black Friday sales.

For 2017, we needed sheets. We wanted good sheets. Durable sheets. Comfortable sheets. Sheets that fit our bed. Our old sheets lasted nine years before succumbing to wear (technically, one set still has life in it), and we loved them. They felt wonderful. Their only flaws: they didn’t properly fit our newer mattress with topper, and the flat sheet wasn’t big enough. We obviously needed “oversized.”

Dan picked up a king set for $20, and they, hmm, well, they were $20 sheets. (A thread count of 1,200, ha!) Thin, short, and impossible to keep on the mattress for even one night. They now grace the couch in our spare room to protect it from dust and muddy puppy paw prints. This confirmed my desire to have good—even great—sheets. No compromise, no settling just because it was a “good deal.”

Because we enjoyed our old sheets so much, I tracked down the brand name and discovered the DreamFit line. Since thread count is used and abused in the industry (for example, it’s hard to have a thread count over 300 unless you fudge the numbers), DreamFit offers “degrees” of quality from 1 to 7, with corresponding prices. The sheets range from microfiber to cotton to bamboo to quilted (for people who want a warmer sheet) to a rare cotton grown only in certain parts of the U.S.

All of the sheet sets come with an oversized flat sheet and a fitted sheet large enough for toppers with elastic all the way around plus elastic corner bands. When you put the fitted sheet on, it practically suctions itself to the mattress.

Our old sheets were bamboo, so I wanted Degree 5 if at all possible. And whadaya know, I found a deal on Amazon for $127 per set. I love Black Friday.

These sheets check all the boxes. They breathe, they’re soft, they’re durable, they’re easy to put on and take off, and they’re oversized in every way that matters In fact, they’re so good that I’m keeping an eye out for another sale. Then in another 10 or so years when we need new sheets, I can pull them out of storage. No rush, though, so I can wait for the Best Sale Ever!

Please note that my husband wanted me to title this post, “No Sheet, Sherlock.” I saved you.

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