Regarding more gun control? No.

There is nothing new under the sun. There is especially nothing new when it comes to arguments for more gun control. I’m a relative newbie, coming into most of my knowledge at the late date of 2012. What I’m seeing online now is no different from what I saw then.

I was gonna explain how I recommend people have both a handgun(s) and a rifle(s) for home defense. I was gonna explain how I recommend AR-15s especially for women because of their ease of use (adjustable stocks are fantastic for women, allowing a husband and wife of different sizes to use the same weapon with only seconds of adjustment) and low recoil, among other details.

But no. I’ve seen multiple variations of the theme, “I am done listening to all of the justifications.” And you know what? I don’t need to justify anything to anyone. Since there is no functional difference between an AR-15 and many other rifles out there (including the Ruger Mini 14, which my father carried in the trunk of his car Just In Case), no, you may not take my Armalite Rifle 15.

And I highly recommend allowing teachers the option to carry on school grounds. As of 2013, 18 states already did so, though California has changed its rules since then.

Other than that, I will let Larry Correia explain in his 2015 post, a reprise of his 2012 post. He covers every single argument that comes up: armed teachers, gun-free zones, the media, gun control laws, gun bans, the works.


P.S. Because of the circumstances surrounding it, this latest school shooting is not the hill to defend when it comes to gun control. We have massive failure at all levels of government from federal to local, we have call after call to the authorities for help with this shooter for months before a shot is fired, we have at least one armed deputy who stayed outside while children were dying in the building, and people want me to agree that only law enforcement can protect our children in their gun-free schools? And that it’s the government’s job to decide what I “need” to protect myself? Bah.


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  2. RustyGunner

    That’s the ticket. Don’t play the game they rig. Just say, “we’re not going to obey, we dramatically outnumber anyone who might try to force us, and we have guns. Your move.”

  3. Ray Van Dune

    Nexus alert at NPR! Guest mentioned this morning that the real problem was the failure of the background check! Warning, warning – possible approach to actual truth! At least they haven’t mentioned “Promise” yet! Oops, did I say that out loud?!

    Seriously, why after two weeks has nobody in the media connected the dots between the Broward School District and Sheriff’s Office program “Promise”, and the fact that the murderer did not get stopped by the NCIS database during a gun-purchase background check?

    Answer: because by covering up youth criminality in line with Obama administration DOE/DOJ programs, the BSD and BSO effectively blinded the background check system they now scream needs strengthening.

    Shorter answer: because they and the media care nothing for our children’s’ safety, only for the safety of lying politicians.

  4. Dantes

    We are at peak effectiveness of gun control. The idea that somehow we can keep adding layers of gun control which will stop all murders by criminals and crazy people is magical thinking and delusion.

    Far better to concede that point, and free up resources so that actual criminals and potential shooters could be investigated . Banning guns and accessories means that millions of legal citizens can be put in legal peril, and not even know it. Government bureaucracies tend to go for the low hanging fruit. Why bother with criminals if you can go to a gun show or shooting range and arrest Bubba bump firing a gun. Easy to make this kind of arrest, wreck Bubba’s life, get credit for the bust…and avoid the dirty gumshow work of tracking down criminals and psychos.

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