Solar update: February 2018

Now that our utility company APS received permission to raise rates for the first time in years, the difference between what we are paying with solar and what we would be paying without solar has jumped substantially. The rate change comes in two parts. The first part happened in August, when they increased the rates on the then-current plans to start the transition. The second part is happening between August 2017 and May 2018, when everyone (except us; yay Grandfather Clause!) has to change to a new rate plan.

• Our February bill with solar was: $22.75
• That same bill without solar before the rate change would have been: $99.82
• That same bill without solar during the transitional rate change would have been: $107.94
• That same bill without solar on the new Basic plan would have been: $128.43

I suspect that the Basic plans are deliberately high to try to get people onto Time of Use and Demand plans. Still, a 28+% increase? In what world is that even close to the 4-6% the utility company said the increase would average?

Neighbors, you have my pity.

But two pieces of good news. First, enough customers have complained to trigger an automatic review. We’ll see how that goes. Second, APS now wants to reduce rates because of the federal tax cuts.

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