Written back in 2016…

I had an interesting proofreading job the other day—interesting not because of the content per se but because the person speaking made some side comments regarding forgiveness, that it’s a Christian duty to forgive and forget, turn the other cheek, etc., and that unless someone does something despicable, there’s never a reason to cut ties.

However, that is not a Christian’s duty. The Christian is not required to be Charlie Brown playing Lucy-ball for the rest of his life.

Forgive? Yes. If Lucy asks forgiveness, then even seventy times seven times shall Charlie Brown forgive. (Which is probably pretty close to the number of times Lucy pulled the ball away from him.)

But Charlie Brown does not have to continue trying to kick the ball. And a Christian does not have to continue in a toxic relationship with anyone just because they have asked forgiveness.

No guilt, fellow Christians, no guilt. We are free.

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