Where did my brainpower go?

Just south of our house is a juniper forest, and do you know what the junipers are doing right now? Propagating like there’s no tomorrow. Pollen count is at the top end of the scale, and my husband’s worsening cold symptoms turned out to be a case of severe, acute allergies. He and I are both on several allergy medications, including Benadryl, which works amazingly well for a first generation allergy medication. It works quickly, especially the liquid version, something I appreciate at o-dark-thirty when I wake up coughing and sneezing. Already once this year it stopped my allergies from cascading, which normally means about 10 days lost to misery, snot, and tissues.

Unfortunately, it is not without side effects.

You probably knew that Benadryl can make people drowsy. Did you also know that Benadryl blocks the action of acetylcholine in the body? Since acetylcholine is important to learning, memory, and cognitive function, this means our home has NOT been a hotbed of creativity and motivation.

Which is why our household measures Benadryl in dozes rather than doses. And why a certain blog has not been updated in a week.

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