Thought criminals

I just watched an author whose work I really like get dis-invited from a gaming convention where he was supposed to be a guest of honor. Guilty of Thought Crimes. I’m so angry that I can only think of the people who instigated his ouster using the pronouns They and Them. Otherwise I’m gonna start swearing.

The author: Larry Correia.
The convention: Origins Game Fair.

They lied about him. They said derogatory things about him. Oh, how I wish I had kept that particular Facebook page up so that I could have gotten screenshots of the worst of it, complete with names, before Origins deleted it. They libeled him until Origins showed its yellow underbelly and rescinded the invite (linked post deleted while I was writing this, but I have screenshots) for “some personal views that are specifically unaligned with the philosophy of our show and the organization.” What does that mean? The executive director didn’t say, leaving it to the reader to assume that all of the nefarious things that They said must be true.

Now Origins is getting piled on by Larry’s fans and by people who think this is ridiculous. Origins deserves every last bit of slamming and mockery that comes its way. I’m doing my part by broadcasting what Origins did. Origins, you’ve made it clear you only want RightThink fans to show up, so may you get what you asked for.

Before that, it was John Ringo, who was recently disinvited from CarolinaCon for WrongThink, so I’ll mention that Con too. He scared Them so much that They couldn’t imagine being at the same Con with him. Couldn’t have that now, could they? So They threatened him credibly enough that the Con wasn’t sure it could keep him safe. Then They also had to libel him, and his wife as well.

Once again, Ringo’s fans (along with people who thought this was ridiculous) piled on. Amazing how things change when that happens. Instead of having a howling mob on Their side going after a single individual, They have a fight on their hands. Action might cost Them personally. Suddenly the libelous post disappeared.

If you want to see the future of the culture war in the U.S., look no further than the writing and gaming communities. They’re a few years ahead of the rest of the country, but because of that, we can get a glimpse of what’s in store. It’s gonna be ugly, but we can learn from these current examples. And the biggest lesson to learn is this: if at all possible, DON’T LET THEM SHUT YOU UP. Do They call you a racist, sexist, misogynist neo-Nazi? Point, mock, and laugh. Like the devil, that “prowde spirite,” They hate to be mocked. Feel free to lay down the facts, but don’t expect facts to persuade. This is a war of rhetoric and emotion. Oh, and document everything. They often try to hide Their tracks.

That said, if it’s your job on the line, then you may have to keep your head down for the sake of your family. But understand that if you work for a yellow-bellied company, your company will sell you out in a heartbeat to appease the mob. We’ve seen it again and again in the news. If you find yourself the target of Them, especially at the beginning when They may be a single person out to get you, document everything (yes, I’m repeating myself here). If someone wants you out, make it cost.

Start discovering which friends, acquaintances, and internet strangers will fight. Find out now, before you need them. Most of us don’t have large and vocal fan bases willing to duke it out for a worthwhile cause, and many of us may have to fight our battles alone (in fact, plan for that), but we have time now to discover allies. Use that time well.

Whatever you do, don’t think that you’ll somehow avoid all of this because you’re a nice person. “Nice” people are just easier prey, and more vulnerable to the charges of racist and sexist and whatever-ist. In fact, “nice” is the last thing I recommend that you be. But you can still be good, a far nobler calling in this Us vs. Them world. And a far harder one.

But no one said this would be easy. Just necessary.

UPDATE: Heh, I’ve seen a fair few other blog posts show up on this topic, so I’ll link to a couple:
Mad Genius Club: It Is Time to Fight Back
L-Ombre de l’Olivier: Hell Hath No Fury

Also, the International Lord of Hate himself has posted on his site. Well worth the read. I’ll leave you with this quote from his post:

This is just another new way for bullies to target people who disagree with them. Throw a fit, make up some accusations, and cry about how you feel unsafe. Now that they know it works, it is just another tool in their tool box.


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  2. Passerby

    In short, stop relying on the left’s infrastructure and then being surprised when they decide to step on your neck. You know the rules don’t apply equally to everyone.
    Make your own infrastructure. And find new ways to communicate it out.

    Stop giving them part of YOUR earnings. Those of us outside the bubble still want to believe that all people are fundamentally good. They’re not. Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. If you have achieved enough success to be the draw, make your own magnet (for lack of a better metaphor).

    These people will fold if enough people stop being nice and actually fight back.

    Good luck.

    1. Dawn Smit

      There’s been a lot of talk about creating a parallel infrastructure where non-Leftist thought may be expressed without hindrance. I’m all for it. It’s the logical extension of the freedom of association. Then hammer anyone who tries to make such freedom against the law.

      And, chuckle, I can’t agree more with your comment about people’s fundamental goodness.

    2. richard40

      The thing is sci fi cons were not originally leftie infrastructure. In the 90’s they were open to all points of view. The leftie cabals took them over fairly recently. the good thing though is the independent thinkers in those communities are still resisting with soem effectiveness.

  3. Furious Patriot

    I’ve long said that it’ll be necessary — most likely in this modern age with a crowd-driven cloud application — to relentlessly track toxic individuals and make every legally viable effort to get them abruptly fired from their jobs, to get them forcibly evicted from their homes, to get them banned as terrorists from tens of thousands of private businesses across the country, to get them violently arrested on the smallest of pretexts, to get them instantly sued for the tiniest torts, and to otherwise make their lives sheer, unending hell. They want to act like nasty little goblins, well … they have no idea of the sort of nastiness that can emanate from a furious group of decent folks who’ve finally had it up to orbit with the hostile, creepy shenanigans of “social-justice” howler monkeys and other leftist vermin.

    I’ve been a voice in the wilderness on this for twenty years and more, and it gives me little satisfaction to see the zeitgeist finally shifting to acceptance of the need to strike back, terribly and overwhelmingly, against the arrogant leftist filth. The culture war, verging erratically as it has into actual murder and raw thuggery against conservatives, libertarians, objectivists, and other decent folk in the United States and other supposedly advanced countries, will be ugly indeed before it’s over. They started it, but we will finish it with the near-total destruction of the enemy’s physical ability to attack, harass, frighten, injure, or murder true human beings.

  4. TomP

    Wherever Christians gained legal ascendancy in Europe, they made it their business to take over or destroy Pagan holy places, remove Pagan priesthoods, deny Pagans legal protections and force Pagans out of public life in every way possible. Pagans must not be allowed a voice to express their devilish ideas.

    Does any of that sound familiar?

    1. Dawn Smit

      And…? This attitude is the default state of humanity. Which is why “tu quoque” is a weak response.

      We have been incredibly fortunate to live in a time that takes the best from the very time period you mention—and before—and after—and aggregates it into a concept of toleration (note that I don’t say “tolerance” because that word now has a rather different meaning) that allowed ideas to flourish. If that now disappears because the modern, secular religion has found a tried and true method of control, well, I would count that a loss.

  5. deadcenter

    Newest front in this culture war appears to be in comic books of all things. If you’re interested in the culture war google up: Jawbreakers, Richard Meyer, Antarctic Press and follow the rabbit hole downward.

    Par for the course, those acting as the gatekeepers in comic books are citing both Sad Puppies and Gamergate as justification for their actions.

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