The day has come…

It’s official, we’re better off with solar than without! We’re not yet to break-even point (which has dropped from an original estimate of 11 years to under 9 years), but we have more money for investment. Given the latest rate increase, that break-even point might be conservative.

Speaking of the new rates (specifically the Premier Choice plan, which is the plan against which I compare our solar rate): winter rates were 28% higher January through April and summer rates for May and June were a little under 4% higher, for a total increase in the first six months of about 18%. Looking at the year as a whole, the increase may drop to under 15%.

Keep in mind that the increase was only supposed to be about 4% (4.5%?) on average. But I’m sure that if people would just move to one of the Time of Use plans (or, better yet, a Demand plan!) the increase would be well under 4%. /end sarc

Not that I blame our utility company for doing its darnedest to switch people to plans that make more sense from a supply-and-demand perspective. It can’t require customers to join those plans after all (though it did try), so it must incentivize. However, when balancing the carrot and the stick, it may have over-weighted the stick side, and customers are complaining to the Arizona Corporate Commission, seeking a rehearing on the rate issue. I’ve run the numbers for some of my neighbors, and none of them are near the magical 4% so I hope the Commission has its staff do a deep dive into what people are paying versus what they were promised.

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