The insidious meme

This meme recently crossed my Facebook feed:


I shook my head at the idea that you could take the black guy’s box and give it to the kid in the name of equity or how, if the government gives you something, it can also take it away. However, I completely missed the private property implications until someone pointed them out.

Question: Why is there a fence in the first place?

Because the three people are freeloaders who don’t want to pay. That’s why they’re standing behind a privacy fence. They have no right to be there, the kid who can’t see any more than the guy who can. To “support” any of them is tantamount to supporting theft.

Congratulations, meme maker. Not only do you want the freeloaders to see the game for which they haven’t paid, you want to remove the privacy fence so they can freeload equally easily. And all in the name of “justice.” Way to remove that “systemic barrier” of private property.

Since memes like this need countermemes the way bacterial infections need antibiotics, here are a few for your viewing and download pleasure.

Here’s the shortest (update: I modified it slightly based on feedback):

A more parallel meme:

The longest:

(Many thanks to my anonymous friends who helped me see all that I’d missed. You know who you are.)

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